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Nancy Leathers Graves

Nancy Leathers Graves

The Work

We work with executives & corporate teams to learn and apply simple  yet powerful  audience-driven communication models.  Our frameworks are lean & reliable and work globally face-to-face, over the phone & on email.  Our training and coaching result in increased efficiency, engagement, influence, impact and satisfaction. 

We provide small group/team training, large room training sessions and 1x1 executive communications coaching.

Our work involves a maximum of practice and minimum of lecture, utilizing real-life business cases to create simulated conversations.  Clients practice the skills of framing and verbal drafting, and receive coaching and feedback regarding their clarity, command skills, and executive presence using video-coaching methodology.

The Focus  

Manage attention. Create connection.  Structure dialogue.  Apply verbal economy.  Grant random access to details.  Engage the audience. Drive decisions.  Close strong.

The Values

It's all about connection, not perfection.  Our work is designed to embody the values of generosity, authenticity, equal authority, simplicity & mindfulness.


Our core offering is a two-day seminar designed for a maximum of 6 - 8 business & thought leaders where we explore communicating inside the dynamic of an executive context more fully. 

We work as a group to simulate upcoming real-world conversations to allow practice in applying new tools.  Clients receive real-time feedback from the coach and fellow leaders in the course. 

Participants of our work hone their ability to:

  • Apply verbal economy
  • Manage power dynamics and handle challenges without giving up personal power or authority
  • Reduce anxiety and nerves in high-stakes situations or negotiations
  • Compress a thirty-minute conversation or presentation into 5 minutes
  • Close strong
  • Prepare to "think on their feet" & move the discussion on the fly
  • Position data and reduce surprise through pre-wiring
  • Gain alignment in the first 90 seconds through framing -- a precision tool for getting key data on the table quickly
  • Attune communication with a diverse or global audience to establish trust and credibility
  • Leverage a message without relying on notes or slides to be successful


  • Strategic candor & transparency
  • Develop stronger eye contact
  • Diffuse conflicting emotions
  • Listen to learn
  • Check out mind reads
  • Answer first, then grant random access to detail
  • Value & welcome gender and cultural diversity
  • Relax               

Exercises & discussion topics include:

  • Become a master of context
  • Research around how audiences decide
  • Structure & facilitate audience-focused conversations
  • Prepare for conference calls
  • Increase awareness of impact of body language & visuals
  • Manage the "split focus" from our slides
  • Drive & manage change
  • Influence decision making


Nancy's Bio

Nancy has cross-cultural coaching & teaching experience in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Scandinavia, throughout the Americas, Europe and the UK.  She studies French and Mandarin, and Spanish is next on her list.

Professional Background
In 2011, Nancy formed a LLC and now customizes and delivers global training and coaching under her own name/brand to Fortune 500 company leaders globally.

Previously, she was a business partner with the Austin-based communications consulting firm of Margaret Keys for 10 years.  Prior to that, Nancy spent 15 years working in-house for Dell, Motorola, and Hospital Corporation of America.

Creating a safe space for people who have fear of public speaking or resistance to change. Helping people navigate around communication barriers.  Teaching quick techniques that help individuals and teams build trust and increase flow of communication.  Working with all-women groups, international teams, and ESL clientele.  Staying in integrity with her work by constantly striving to model what she teaches.  She absolutely loves her work.

Over the course of her career Nancy has held a key focus on and love for working with women.  She invites and helps create “women’s circles” wherever she is to encourage women to engage, voice their questions and thoughts, and create supportive connections with and for each other.


  • Master of Arts, Organizational Development, University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Bachelor of Science, Education/Counseling & Psychology, Southwest Texas State University, USA
  • Post graduate studies in the field of optimal performance and systems theory

Nancy Leathers Graves
Executive Communication Strategy & Skills


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